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McKailen Markanos of Nightglade

"Non plaudite. Modo pecuniam jacite."


Brother to Jaden Markanos, Mckailen is originally from the Shire of Skywatch, though he travels to the southwest to studies his musical craft.

After losing his father at the age of 6, McKailen became a nomad at a younger age than most. He picked up musical instruments at the age of 12 and started to and moving from tavern to tavern at the age of 15 , burning a few bridges along the way and becoming known as a thief of rum.

McKailen’s fighting abilities were picked up originally as a child watching his brother, but were more practiced on the road as he got older, though only defending himself as needed. It was his brother Jaden, who convinced him to try to fine tune his abilities as a fighter and use his charisma and charm on the battlefield. While visiting Jaden in Skywatch, McKailen met Saerah Eldwehn, who was the first warrior who really started to show him the ways of the sword and dagger.

It was the trip back to Skywatch that led McKailen to meeting Marehet Claudia les Innocents, who helped him to form the Chapter of Nightglade where he is currently studying.

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McKailen is of no belted lineage

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