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Maiden-at-Arms Whackody to Bino of Pegasus Valley, Dragonspine


Whackody started amtgard in August 2014 under the name May. Starting her whack journey in Tal Dagore, and being guided by Tisco's hand, Whackody has pursued foam fighting as her main focus in amtgard. Whackody was shortly belted to Tisco as a page, where they were shortly in Sir Wilhelm's line under Squire Avius, then ended up switching to Sir Potato's line under Squire Bino. Shortly after, Whackody dropped her page belt from Tisco, and became a MaA to Squire Bino. The first company she was ever apart of was a cross gaming (Amt/Dag/Bel) company called Path of the Dragon (PotD Squad), where she trained Rogue method and lived in an apartment with some of her company mates from 2015-2017. Due to some differences and unfriendly squabbles, she left the company and moved out shortly after with her boyfriend (now husband) Tisco.

Living with family members for a few months after her departure, Whackody had a bout of depression that had been going on long before she moved out of the PotD apartment. In pursuit of trying to find her passion for whacks again, and a thirst to learn more about whacks, Whackody moved to the mighty kingdom of Dragonspine in March of 2018, which is home to many Warlords in amtgard. Following her move, This is when she had her name changed from May to Whackody. Training with Anatole, Xion, and Tisco, Whackody's fighting has improved quite a bit, earning her 2d and 3d Order of the Warrior in September that year. Whackody still lives here today and cross trains with boxing and more recently, lifting.

Affiliated Groups

House Lionesse, House Pharos

Belted Family

Brennon Viridian (Sword)

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