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The grand Duchess Sir Lyrea DeBane, of Northern Lights

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The grand Duchess Sir Lyrea DeBane, Stealer of breath, Puppeteer, The dream maker, pwn'er of weak styles and child bride of His Scrumtrulescence The Grand Duke Sir Whitewolf the Hunter, Vanquisher of Trina and Songbird of the north.

Better known for wearing the pants she is feared by WaAG(Zen)and men that know better.

It all started with a twinkle in her most magnificently beautiful eyes, the kind that quell demons with but a glance, and gave birth to a single tear hence from came the pool in which all dreams were made. And in her decree her loyal husband would move with her so to Washington dominating everything in her path and forge for her a roost were she might have an infrequent house boy cook them meals. That house boy was WaAG and he was brought to them on high by the ones they call Zen & Reign.

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