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Lunchbawx The Party Hearty Barbar of The Hollow, within the Principality of The Northern Lights under the kingdom of Blackspire

”Don't try this at home, kids!”


Currently no photographs.


Lunchbawx (or Lunchbox, as it was spelled at one point) started playing around the summer of 2009. He was recruited into the ranks of Black Company at Pac-War 12 by Atreyu Wolfsbane, but retired in 2011 at the Rosewood camp-out. He stayed unaffiliated for a short period of time until Pac-war 13, where he was accepted as an initiate for The Dragons of the Rune by Timotheus Barbane. He currently spends his time sitting in front of the Bank Of Gypsy, smoking cigarettes, and trying to make some gold.

Persona History

Coming Soon!

Affiliated Groups

*Dragons of the Rune(Initiate)
*Black Company(Retired)
*Casa del Lucha Libre (Luchadore Grande)

Lunchbawx's Belted Family

Currently vacant

Notable Accomplishments

  • Helped make a giant rock for the Northern Lights Masquerade
  • got awards and stuff.

More Information

  • facebook, i guess.