Luna Starbright

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Lady Squire Luna Starbright, of the Shire of Mystic Springs, the Celestial Kingdom

Wanderer: "...Why aren't you knighted yet?"
Luna: "...Because I've only been playing for six months..."
Wanderer: "...Oh..."

"Damn woman, how much garb did you MAKE?!"-Raven

Quotes by the famous, Luna :
"I don't wanna be a Gator"

New heraldry.jpg
Luna's personal heraldry
Home Park Traitors Gate
Kingdom Celestial Kingdom
Year Started 2007
Noble Title Lady
Belt Status Squire

Combat Ranking
Wave Dancer
A&S Ranking
Way Dancer
Wave.jpg Way.jpg

Brohmir giving Luna a piggy back ride



A senior in high school, Luna found out about Amtgard through a staff member, (Mistress Wynd).
After talking with her, she ran off and told a friend (ZZ) about it. The friend so happened to know what it was, and explained that she had played at the local park in town, Mystic Springs.
Luna was so intrigued; known for her fascination with all things geeky; she had to check out the park.

The Present

  • Luna is currently getting to know her sewing machine and stove for A&S entries; when she has the money to buy the materials.
  • Luna is one of the many victims of Doom, the world famous stalker.
  • Luna is one of those Steampunk / Steamgard Hooligans who likes to dress up in top hats and vests

Plan of Attack

1) Support the Flurb community
2) Become a 6th level master monk and scout
3) Increase her levels of bard, druid and healer
4) Become a Serpent and Flame Knight

Amtgard Life Goal

Luna wishes to one day be knighted as a Knight of the Serpent for her A&S abilities in art, culinary, and garbing. She also wants to be knighted as a Flame Knight for her constant volunteering for park events.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Belted Family===

Notable Accomplishments

Luna Starbright : Worth 10 pudding cups - Lord Shogun Ambassador Jynx Mercades

Additional Images

Fighting at Spring War 2008


Luna, Brohmir, and Tifa at Kingdom Coronation, Dias De Los Muertos

More Information

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