Lucas The Lost

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Baron Squire Lucas the Lost, of Siar Geata, Westmarch

Lucas the Lost
Home Park Siar Geata
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 1992
Noble Title Baron
Belt Status Squire

"I didn't want to TALK to her!"

"Seriously, it was in my beard *and* my hair."

"And I'm all out of bubblegum" -- as Chubby Kratos

"Don't be that guy"

"Moo moo moo. Is it cow hunting season yet?" - Thomas Blackmoore

Lucas in a relatively stable moment at Rakis 2009


Lucas started Amtgard in Eagleshire, as one of a group of newbs introduced to the game by Sir Squeak!, Sir Archangel, and several others. Among the more famous members of that group are Sir Forest Evergreen and Sir Corbin. He introduced his younger brother, Talen, to the game a couple weeks after he started.

In Eagleshire, he called himself "Lucas of Eagleshire". That's not such a hot idea any more. He chose "the Lost" to reflect how he misses more 'mainstream' Amtgard. If and when southern California sports its own kingdom, he'll clearly have to change it again.

Once a he-whore, he has long since settled down and got married. He and his wife even went so far as to breed. Weep for the future.

Unable to play after moving to Michigan in the mid 90s, he has more recently helped to found the Shire of what is now Siar Geata in San Diego.

Once upon a time, Lucas acknowledged no master and few equals with a single sword. These days, he knows better. In defense of his long-passed delusions, he did manage to take first place in a kingdom level tourney in the single sword event. He's never placed in any other category in a kingdom-level tourney.

Lucas has a habit of naming things, particularly newcomers who (in his oh-so-humble opinion) haven't come up with a name of their own fast enough. Two months should be enough for anyone. Rangor received the last name "Tree Crusher" after back-pedaling over/through a small tree and a sign post, Fanny compared his madu to a fan one too many times, The Ugly Stick is a particularly hideous example of First Weapon Syndrome, and so on.

He has recently acquired a cheapest-one-they-had sewing machine and is learning to use it. He might even end up with two orders of the garber to rub together.

Newly Titled, Baron Lucas is strongly considering a name change. Such suggestions as "Baron Lucas Von Poopenbearden" or "Baron Lucas Von Dorkenflurber" were tossed around the table and have been considered.

Shortly after Shark Door 2008, Sir Euric accepted Lucas as his Squire. He promptly started referring to himself as "BS Lucas".

In a rare fit of generosity in late 2009, was wholly responsible for 2.0 (player) being able to swing foam for the three months prior to his deployment to Afghanistan. It was greatly appreciated.

Ask Lucas about the window and the shot-glass sometime. Better yet: don't. You'll need an ice pick or a power drill to get that memory out.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Line

Notable Accomplishments

  • On the 18th day of December, in the year 2007, Lucas the Lost, AKA "Mark Storer" became the proud father of Vincenza Athena Shelby Storer, rendering all previous accomplishments pale and feeble by comparison.
  • On the tenth day of January, in the year 2011, a son was born unto him. Lucian Talen Storer was 10 pounds, 8 ounces at birth. Huge. "Moose baby" huge. >:)
  • Helped found the Shire of Siar Geata, a merger of Nazzeroc and Strathclyde.
  • As Monarch of Siar Geata, he lead it from "a few friends whacking each other" to "well on the way to Barony". Once upon a time, 5 people was a good day. Siar Geata's attendance peaked at just shy of 70 before a slow decline that the park is now recovering from.
    • ...for which he was made a Baron.
  • Played "Chubby Kratos" for the Gods of War 2 promo site, Battle of the Gods. He was PAID to swing foam. Neener neener.
  • Wrote some mediocre poetry.
  • Creator of the Monster Mash, a monster tourney inspired by World Banner Wars.


  • Do-Everything-Guy of Nazzeroc before it merged with Strathclyde to form Siar Geata (over a couple year span)
  • Sheriff of Siar Geata x ? -06
  • Champion of Siar Geata 07
  • Prime Minister of Siar Geata June 08 - Nov 08 (during Barony promotion)
  • BOD of Siar Geata '09, President
  • GMR of Siar Geata, 2/2009 - 8/2009
  • Captain of the Guard, Siar Geata - 2/2009 - 8/2009
  • Baron of Siar Geata, 8/2009 - 2/2010
  • Pro tem PM of SG, mid 2010. One of several folks who Didn't Get It Done, until Scoot broke the curse.
  • Champion ("Chump") of Siar Geata, 6/2011 -


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