Lost Souls

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Lost Souls, Shire

A defunct Shire of the Kingdom of Dragonspine, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.




Lost Souls started when Riff Raff and Kyrie realized that they were going to have a child. The expense of driving to Pegasus Valley could no longer be justified and thus the two decided to try to start a local land using the remnants of previous lands in the area as a base.

Lost Souls first official day was April 1st of 2007. Riff Raff, Kyrie and Laughing Crow had spent a good deal of time examining the pros and cons of various parks throughout Santa Fe and ultimately settled on Alto Bicentennial Park. Winter of 2007, the group moved to Herb Martinez Park on Camino Carlos Rey in Santa Fe, NM between Siringo and Zia. In October of 2008 it was decided to move to the newly renovated Railyard Park in downtown Santa Fe.

September 2007, Ted Iomhair and Dru-kara become official members after Dru-kara's reign as Regent ended in Pegasus Valley.

At some point in 2007, sometime before October Lost souls petitioned Dragonspine.

In February of 2008 Lost Souls was accepted underneath Dragonspine.

Went defunct in 2012.


Monarch / Sheriff = Thoth
Regent = Lady Squire Kyrie Eleison
Champion = Riff Raff
Prime Minister = Manfred
Heir Apparent = Chaco Rockhammer

Current Roster
(as of 8-21-2008)

  • Beverly Pierce
  • Chaco Stronghammer
  • Chief
  • Dru-Kara
  • Karamin
  • Kyrie Eleison
  • Laughing Crow
  • Manfred
  • Riff Raff
  • Stoli
  • Ted Iomhair
  • Universal Bill
  • Vibraman

Contacts and Directions

The Rail Runner Park is now open and it is a FANTASTIC looking park. There are MANY opportunities to roleplay there. There are a couple of bridges which we could use as a bridge battle and a few places to use, potentially, as a castle. This week we are going to be grilling! We have beer broths, burgers, chips, drinks, etc., etc. We will be taking a lot of photographs this week of the park so we hope that we’ll get a huge turnout.

While MapQuest directions will be posted on Lost Souls' Yahoo home page, the house may be easily recognized by the pink and blue neon peace sign in the front window.

Yahoo group

Lost Souls on the O.R.K.