Legion of the Black Cross

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"They call us Legion, for we are many"

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Company Heraldry
Black Cross on a field of Red and White

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Founded 2008
Home Park Dark Oasis

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A group of Templar's in the holy land became motivated by a lust for riches and self-glory, this group broke away from the holy order for their own devious ends. They roam the Holy Land in search of holy relics they can twist and manipulate to their own black desires, they thwart the holy and righteous and any chance they get. Their Symbol a blackened cross. They will only allow up to three peons(initiates) to become legionnaires a year, as to make them strive for their spots and earn them. The Heart of the company's members all reside in the kingdom of Golden Plains, but are in various kingdoms such as Dragonspine, Burning Lands, Emerald Hills, and more. Members strive for leadership roles in their home field, kingdoms, as well as in the company itself.

The Legion of the Black Cross excels in line fighting, they believe in the power of unity and fight as tight units in various formations. They pride themselves in their brotherhood.

Company Colors:

Red, White, Black


Clan 2014

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Members of Legion of the Black Cross

''Founding Members

'Emerald Hills Kingdom Chapter (including EH/CK)

''Golden Plains Kingdom Chapter (including GP/IM/DL/BS)

''Inactive members

Notable Accomplishments

  • started a war at Clan 2012
  • Order of the Flame, Given by Saphire Moon, Kingdom Monarch of Golden Plains. 2019. Issued for covering the cost of Feast for Iron Gate mid-reign.
  • 2nd place at World Banner Wars 2019

Additional Images

The Burning Lands Gathering 2019
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