Leal Fitzmorgan de Mercades

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Squire Léal Fitzmorgan de Mercades, of Rising Sun Station, Kingdom of Crystal Groves

”There's magic in a Bard's song. They call it Inspiration” - Griffin McElroy

Léal fighting Fyxe. Photo courtesy of Eleonora's Photography, https://www.facebook.com/foamfightingphotography/


Léal, a half-Song-dragon and light weaver, came to Amtgard from Normandy by way of some... questionable magic... and landed in The Frostlands in July of 2015. He traveled between the lands of Belegarth and Amtgard from 2015-2017 when his studies led him thus. Later, his studies took him farther afield, leading him to join Barenheim in Dagorhir and to Blackthorne in the lands of Amtgard. Later, he would assist with the formation of Hearthlight before moving full time to Blackthorne. Most recently, he moved to Rising Sun Station and is pleased to be among friends there.

Affiliated Groups

One of Léal's favorite belt projects
Léal at Keep on the Borderlands, 2018. Photo by Photos by Crisp, https://www.facebook.com/photosbycrisp/
Léal fighting Tato. Photo courtesy of Eleonora's Photography, https://www.facebook.com/foamfightingphotography/

Belted Family

Favorite Memories

Some of Léal's favorite memories include his adoption of Oswin Whitewall the Adoptable, the earning of his Paragon Bard title, the day Jynx asked him to join the belted family, and the awe on the faces of his friends when he finishes weaving a belt.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Paragon Bard - 13 July 2019

More Information

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