Kuma of the Knoblands

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Master Yamashita Togeika Kuma, Freehold of Lion's Gate






Kuma was found after a shipwreck by the Mikage ninja clan. He was taken by the clan's chieftain and raised as a son and ninja. He was given the name Kuma because of the dispairity in size betweem him and his other brother ninja. As a Mikage ninja he was taught the arts of combat, assassination and illusion. As part of his rite of passage to become a full Mikage, his vocal chords were cerimonially seared so that he could never tell the clan's secrets even under the most vicious forms of torture.

While being sent on a mission of espionage he returned to his village to find it burned to the ground. Kuma did not seek revenge for even if he attained it, there was no one left to share in the victory. After much wandering Kuma found himself in the then-named Kingdom of the Rising Winds. He settled in the Barony of the Knoblands. In the Knoblands he married his elvish wife, Hoshi. Together they have three children: Tora, Kentaro and Sayuri. While living in the Knoblands, Kuma made many friends and became a respected member of the community. Recently, he moved his family to the freehold of Lion's Gate where he hopes to have a positive impact on that community as well.

Notable Accomplishments

Granted the title of Master by Sheriff Tyroas, March 2009
Sheriff/Baron of the Knoblands: March-September 2009
6th level Assassin
6th level Wizard