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Sir Kudzu, of Neverwinter

”oohh; butterfly”



'This is from Kudzu in his own words;' "My first experience with amtgard was in the late 80's in Az when someone from Burning Lands moved out here. Even though I played for several months, I feel that I started really playing amtgard in Palestine Tx in 93 with the Forgotten One, which the park later changed names to Rogue's Haven. Both groups I helped start. I move from there at the same time Wetlands was gaining Kingdom Status. After getting stationed in Ft Walton Beach Fl, I co-founded the Emerald Coast in 96. In the following year, I was also one of the co-founders of the Kingdom of Neverwinter. In '00 I moved to Phoenix Az and was a co-founder of Ardent Sands in Mesa Az. And then in 06, I started High Oasis in Tempe Az."

The Nomad of Neverwinter, Kudzu helped the no longer fledgling Kingdom start its roots. Kudzu is known mostly for his chain work, constantly creating new and inventive styles of Knights chains. He is also sought after for his Kudzuritas

Affiliated Groups

Member of Rogue Company

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Knight of the Serpent - Knighted in April 2003 by King Alucard Draconis of Dragonspine
  • Viscount - Given by King Alucard of Dragonspine, October 2002
  • Baron - Given by Duke Auwyne - Falling Fire, April 1999
  • Lord - Given by King ArchDuke Arimithris of the BurningLands, July 1998
  • Master Scout - Given by Dragonspine, January 2003
  • Master Owl - Given by Dragonspine, July 2002
  • Kudzu says that his accomplishments are "knights chains and alcohol." However it is clear to this editor that he excels in bringing new parks and kingdoms together, helping to create no less than six.
  • Creator and sole official source of the Kudzurita.

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