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Page Krawo is a player from the Barony of Greenwood Keep,
in the Kingdom of Northern Lights.

Krawo, of Greenwood Keep, Northern Lights


Krawo was one of 7 friends who all began playing Amtgard at the same time: Heron; K-forse; Kieran; Susa; Scarecrow; Pan; and himself. Most of that 7 have dwindled over time, but a few remain.

That whole thing with the missing credits

Krawo's persona was initially "Kråwo", and that special-symbol above the 'A' in his name caused a lot of his credits to go missing from the O.R.K. He eventually rage-quit Amtgard sometime in 2018, after leveling Assassin to 6 several times, only for the attendance credits to disappear again and again. Since changing his name to "Krawo" in 2020, this problem has ceased. He still plays from time to time, but is mostly inactive.

Let that be a lesson to you all. No special symbols in your persona names!

Affiliated Groups

Belted Line


  • 2021 Summer: Awarded a Wand of Release by FM's incoming monarch Bouncy, for: "excellent service to the Land while not-in-office" (for his technical assistance in setting-up and administering the back-end of the land's Minecraft Server during the Covid lockdowns).


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