Korlys Darksabre

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Squire Korlys Darksabre of Redhawk, Mourningwood Glen EH

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Korlys may be a skinny guy, but every arrow ever fired in the Texas kingdoms always seems to find his balls. He once hid behind a large tree at Mourningwood Glen, playing healer , and keeping his team alive. Some one from austin fired a arrow north and THWACK, "MAN DOWN MAN DOWN!! Right in the junk. Korlys now wears a steel plate on the front of his belt. Every five minutes you can hear the thunk of an arrow hitting the new belt favor. A part of MWG is named after Korlys . During a battle game, Korlys managed to grab the enemy flag . He ran like the wind to a sheer cliff, deep in the woods. With no where to go , he made the jump, 30 feet of air till he tumbled at the bottom. (without breaking neck or legs) The area was forever know as "Korlys Jump"....

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