Kismet Fyrechyld

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Baronetess Kismet Fyrechyld of Nine Willows, Golden Plains

Kismet's Field Heraldry
Home Park Nine Willows
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 2003
Noble Title Baronetess


~ Kismet Fyrechyld ~


Started Amtgard at the Barony of Nine Willows, originally coming out to visit friends. After moving to Hobbs, NM to attend college classes she began attending Dark Oasis. Over the years she has become a talented A&S participant particulary in chain mail jewelry, crocheting, and cooking. Kismet lives once again in the now Duchy of Nine Willows, encouraging the Arts and Sciences among the populace.

Affiliated Groups

  • None

Belted Family

Kismet is of no belted lineage

Notable Accomplishments

Titles Earned

Positions Held

  • Regent of Nine Willows - June-September 2011, September 2011-March 2012, March-September 2012, & May-September 2013

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