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Kiri the Healer of Siar Geata, Westmarch

"Did Shorticus really just roll the field again? Damn Nico we gotta watch that little dude.


  • Kiri's brother Nico started playing, Kiri happily tagged along.
  • Kiri has great renown as a 6th level barbarian. On 6th level day.
  • Kiri will heal you if you ask nicely, since he often plays Healer.
  • Nico=Extremely skilled 6th level druid, Got Shorticus and Kiri into amtgard.
  • Longfox=old friend(and enemy)Who cant seem to get past second level in any one class.
  • Ramen= Druid of all trades
  • Shorticus= My littlest Healer brother who has a habit of moving so quickly he is invisible to those above his height.
  • Rio= lol
  • Lanceweaver= my sluffing tool

^My Crew

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

  • Fighting after death 8 times in the same battlegame.
  • Drumrolling Deiter in the back on his second day out, Then Screaming and rolling into the fetal position when he was chased down by that same level 6 Monk after he respawned. My new plan is don't drumroll level 6 monks with stoneskin in the back, especially when they work in the military.

More Information

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