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Squire Lord Kevetor, The Root, The Wasp Slayer, Trunk Dwarf, Esquire of Ironwood in the Kingdom of the Wetlands

Sir Ice: Alright, we're going out to Artus Pass. Kevetor: *Climbs into trunk*

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Started out at Mourningwood Glen.

Started playing Amtgard in 2009 soon after graduating from high school. He was first introduced to it by a small story about it in the Star Telegram. Served as Pro-Tem champion of Mourningwood Glen During the reign of Alby Kazan. He attended his first event at EH Midreign at this time and was very disappointed by the turn out and lack of battlegames. The next week he drove out to the Celestial Kingdom and attended his first Spring War where he enjoyed fighting a wide range of people. Has relocated to the Wetlands as of 2018 and continues to learn wherever he can.

Affiliated Groups

Member of the Justicars


Amalgam (Iron Man)


Dwarven Kingdom Of Hammers Reign


Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Pro-tem Champion of Mourningwood Glen 12-10-2010 to 6-10-2011

Pro-tem Regent of Ironwood 1/2022 to 6/2022

Champion of Ironwood 6/2022 to 12/2022

He is a fucking Wizard

Assassinated Weasel during court at Spring War 2010.

More Information

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