Kat Draygon

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Kat Draygon, of The Hollow, Northern Lights

”*trying to cast Shove on someone* Out of battle I pause to rest! Out of battle I pause to rest! Out of battle I-wait a minute...”



Started official play in the Winter of 2014. Started out with Dragon's Blade, and got into the rest of the AMTGARD from there.


Currently Bard level 2, Warrior level 2

Affiliated Groups

Dragon's Blade Fighting Company

Notable Accomplishments

Obtained the Homestone in the Kingdom Relic Quest of Winter 2015

Character Background

Kat Draygon hails from the lands of SCA, where he has become a talented fighter. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean much, for his combatants were few, and usually younger. So in search of new experiences and a way to hone his skills over the uneventful winter, Kat found the lands of AMTGARD. He was met by Zedakiah Massacre, who invited him into his fighting company, and quickly proceeded to demolish him in a battle. Thus humbled, Kat decided that this guy was awesome, and stayed around to help. He used his musical powers to do stuff like shoving people away, and his legs to run away from those people he just shoved. Having now mastered the power of musical magic and the power of getting people to hunt you down and kill you, Kat decided to return to his own lands for the summer. Returning at summer's end, he found that he had been sorely missed, and resolved to try and visit more often. And so he would stay in the lands of AMTGARD for the winter, and return to the lands of SCA during the summer. And he is no longer bored.

More Information

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