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Karma Company

Update: As of March 2012, with the Permission of the 1st, Karma Company has been revived, updates to follow!


Karma Company is a group of extremely close friends that try to maintain a high level of brotherhood both on the field and off.


Karma was formed in January of 2000 by Darius Llewellyn, Valon Damas, Sir Stefan Del Sala and Sir Duncan all then of Inland Ocean. Their goal was to create a local, top notch fighting company. Over the next couple of years, Karma grew slowly until most of its founding members had become inactive in amtgard for their own reasons.

At that time Sir Duncan left the company and later went on to become a member of the Claw Legion. Sir Stefan then took control of the fighting company for a major restructuring. Over the following five years, Karma was often a major influence on the wars fought throughout the kingdoms of the Pacific Northwest.

The company has been a strong participant and force on the juggin field. They have worked to give back to Amtgard by hosting a traditional "First Night Chili Feed" at every camp out they attend.

Current Membership

In Reference to our remembrance of the past, the below will remain unchanged, and all changes will take place above.

Past References
Former Full Members

For one reason or another members that have left to pursue other endeavors

Heraldic Device

Tierced in Pale Sable Vert Azure, between in Chief a Sword Argent Invertant.

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