Karasu Michel

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Karasu Michel, of Red Storm, Emerald Hills

”Only one encounter and you will be nevermore”


Hailing from Tulsa, OK. and has been in the world of Amtgard for a few years now. Currently a member from the Shire of the Red Storm.

Karasu Michel

From the darkness the black bird calls singing songs of death and that of nevermore. A lone assassin born of the shadows none knowing of the depths of his past. Like the bird that calls the song for death. Taking the name Karasu he has come to answer the calls evermore.

Affiliated Groups

Red Storm
House Singollo
Member of Clan Turtle

Belted Family

Started as Alby's MAA.

Then Squired by Forest.

Then Squired to Alby after he was knighted.

Then sold as a Squire to Dark Tigger for some Peanut Butter Cups.

Notable Accomplishments