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Squire Kal'Dakaorbil Reno D'Jan Lightfoot 'nav Nox, of Dragonspine

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Long ago in a land we are all familiar with a barbarian appeared out of no where. Born of the nexus rift. This savage blonde simply stepped on to the field. ( summer 95' ) Her name was Demthos, Clan was still at the fabled sleepy grass. Then a little over a year passed and she was gone. Joining the Crowd of souls in the book of the dead.

Fast forward 2000.

It was clan again, and Kal'Dakaorrbil Renor D'jan was born. A stranded dark elf from the forgotten realms. Taken in by A sylvan werewolf named Denavis.

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Belted Family

Squired to Jetara

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