Kal Thrax

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Grand Duke Sir Kal Thrax The Just, of Howling Plains, Emerald Hills

"Invictus Maneo"


Kal Thrax


As told by the great orator Testiclese "The Mouth" Ballsmasher:

"The great Praetor Kal has accomplished many heroic and Mighty deeds. Conquering the peasant ruler Bloodmoon does not even come close to being one of his greatest. At the age of 6 his father took him into the wilderness and left him there with bit his wits and a dull knife to allow the great Kal the opportunity to prove himself a man. Prove himself he did. Praetor Kal was assumed dead after 16 days of not returning so his father had set out to find the boys body. Instead of the corpse he expected, Kal's father found him leading a pack of dire wolves. The same pack that was born from the mighty she Wolf that nursed Romulus and Remus. When the great Praetor was 12 his father had found out that that he had been leaving his tutor and running off to the center of town. Furious, his father sought him out. He found young Kal in the council of the wise senators of all of Rome. When his father bid him to return home, the senators pleaded that the great Praetor stay for they wished to benefit from his deep wisdom. At 15 the mighty Praetor led a legion of ten thousand mighty warriors against a horde of barbaric tribesmen numbering in the hundreds of thousands. His cunning and prowess was proven that day as he lead the vanguard into the throng of savages and decimated them all. He proved himself at statecraft as he accepted his appointment as Provencal Governor of his newly conquered territory. Many of his enemies tried to assassinate him all were outwitted and put to the blade themselves. His poem, The Evening Sun, is said to have been so beautiful that the muses themselves read it when they seek inspiration."----Testiclese the Mouth

Kal joined the peerage as a Kingdom of the Emerald Hills Knight of the Crown via Zoom Court on January 1, 2021.

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