Kailara SilverHammer

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Kay (formerly Kailara) SilverHammer, of the Duchy of Crimson Wood, in the Kingdom of Westmarch

”Another one of those Hammer Clan people.” tumblr_nunkr8Pz061raxvifo3_1280.jpg


Once an ex-pirate's adopted son on the high seas, he survived a kidnapping, destruction of his home, trekked through the mainland, came into servitude of the Hammer Clan, and hopes to find his way out to sea again.

A member of the Hammer Clan since it's inception, Kay has braved many journeys into battle and in those he has been swift and merciless. He attended WTF as an introduction to the larger world of Amtgard. He has been a visitor to the The Barony of Ashen Spire.

Favorite style of fighting is throwies first and legging second, with the preferred class of Assassin.

Affiliated Groups

The Hammer Clan

Belted Family

  • None at this time.

Awards and Whatnot

Won MVP of Yellow Group "Spartans" at Feast of Mars IX

Totally kicked Butt. Won the favor of Mars.

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