Jynx Mercades

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Baronet Ser Ambassador Jynx Mercades of Blackthorne, Kingdom of Crystal Groves

Belt or blood, it all works the same.

Sir Feral drops the sword on Sir Jynx at Clan 2008.



Started in the Barony of Shadowvale Late fall of 94, early 95, running away from EVERYONE. He's moved to several places, to include the Barony of Nine Willows, Ardent Sands, Dark Oasis, and Shrouding Mists, to name a few. Once a lifetime member of Dragonspine, the land he played in eventually broke contract with the Kingdom, due to distance reasons, and has successfully received a contract with Golden Plains. Once having been cited as having no 'fashion sense' as to garb, according to Sir Quicksilver of Dragonspine, his bitter buddy. All around shot sluffing bastard, who's received GRIFFONS for his attempts to sluff the foam goodness. After his first time in Golden Plains, he's moved to Delaware, where he's currently started Bandit Flats East, a Barony under the Kingdom of Crystal Groves. He moved to Portales, NM and helped reform the chapter there as Darkwater Hollow, before moving back east side and joining the Duchy of Crystal Groves

He has been page to WAY too many people in this world, and was Squired to Sir Feral Lynn in 2000. he was also taken as a prospective member of the Ministers of Grace at Spring War 06, finally receiving his tunic at World Banner Wars 08. Being raised to a full member in this particular household. All in all, a fairly approachable guy, and is the originator of the "Guy who Sluffs" stories told ALL OVER the place at events. Most times, these days, people enjoy getting him drunk to tell his 'amtgard stories' that are somehow amazing and full of win. Ask him sometime during an event. He's usually a few sheets to the wind when the sun goes down.

It is also said that Downfall is the long-lost Amtgard brother to Jynx Mercades. And in 2010 he married Piper Lesonette, that pirate from CG.

Also said to have found his twin in Sir Elizabeth

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Knight of the Flame, awarded by King Duke Sir Moonshadow at Clan '08 Video of the knighting.
  • Master Rose, awarded by King Duke Sir Moonshadow at Clan '08
  • Also most notable in his history, he was Lorded by Sirs Warblade and Jacobi from the Kingdom of the Golden Plains on the 14th of September, 2006 for his work within the Kingdom of Golden Plains.
  • The first and so far only Sword Knight Idol.
  • Given the title of Ambassador by Grand Duke Slyddur Rahbet
  • Sainted in the Church of the High Cross

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