Joseph Powell

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Joseph "The Fist" Powell, of Olympus in the Iron Mountains

”My oaths of loyalty in Free Company does not hold me to any kingdom.” - A Rising Winds Event in '07.



Joseph joined Amtgard in November of 2006 along with his friend Bromos. He became a petitioner of Free Companies during the Starmount Midreign of December 2006 then received his Grey Tabard signifying that Joseph had reached Free Blade status the following month in January at the Principality's Coronation. Joseph's vote to become an Oathbrother occurred at Summer Trials of 2007 and received a unanimous 'Yea' vote from all who attended. Joseph is currently serving as Prime Minister of the Barony of Olympus.

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Joseph was removed from office and all awards as well as titles were removed due to theft of club funds in addition Joseph is currently banned permanently.

Affiliated Groups:

Free Companies - Oath Brother of Second Battalion

Clan Raven

Midwest Trading Company

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