Jonathan Cro-Magnon

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Jonathan D. "Jon Crow" Cro-Magnon
Home Park Ethereal Tides
Current Park Ethereal Tides
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2016
Noble Title N/A
Belt Status N/A

Jonathan D. "Jon Crow" Cro-Magnon, of Ethereal Tides, Kingdom of Polaris

”You're the kind of Hero Amtgard needs.” - Sir Michael Hammer of God, 08/02/2017
"You're gonna get some serious arthritis, dude!" - Jon Crow to every Stickjock ever.
"Taste is Subjective" - Jon Crow"
"OH! BABY." - Said when surrounded
"Swiggity Swooty" Said while flanking.

Jonathan "Jon Crow" Cro-Magnon is an Amtgard player character persona portrayed and created by Mr. Crow Jr. He is killed by Enoch, Son of Thom.

Fictional Character Biography

Jonathan D. Cro-Magnon, "Jon Crow" for short, is born of one of the finest Archers, Jason Magnon from the West and an alchemist from the East, Hiroko Kuro, transliterated as Crow. Living a life of privilege, he was forced to enroll into Ranger school, to become a skilled archer like his father. Unfortunately, it was very physical and regimented, at the time Crow could not make the cut and failed it due to such a drastic change. Fearing shame, he took his equipment: including his Father's Longsword, the Magnon Opus, his own shortsword rapier, a shield he "borrowed" from a Crusader obsessed with Jerusalem, and left town, heading east.
Living as a fugitive, he paid for food and shelter by becoming a minstrel, one that wasn't particularly any good, in fact many of his companions have broken his instruments.
During his travels, he hears tales of legends and heroes, he was especially influenced by the exploits of legends, and wish to someday lead his own band of merry men.
Staying at Ethereal Tides for the time being, he has made many new allies who have accepted him even in the unlikeliest of circumstances: friars, vikings, monks, former and current pirates: all friends. He is currently working as a mercenary to hoard his wealth, he does however feel there is something bigger for him out there...he travels throughout Polaris, attempting to fulfill his wanderlust.
Briefly courted a princess of frogs during which a vile monster named Sch'dad broke his crusader shield and almost broke him.
Overwhelmed by a sense of duty, guilt, bad dreams, and anger, Jon Crow was sick of running and left Ethereal Tides for a bigger purpose: to become stronger to defend against monsters like Sch'dad, but also his ultimate goal to travel East where someone important awaits him. But first he had to take care of something. Because desertion equals death, Crow traveled under the Alias Jonathan Crowstar, returned west to where he ran from and made amends and train. Jon Crow exhiled himself to The Southern Gate in the Kingdom of Westmarch: Siar Geata. This is where Jon Crow decided to further his knowledge of medicine, magic, leadership, and fighting ability as he stood watch and paid his penance. Jon Crow eventually grew close to the populace, even in their tumultuous times, and became interim Prime Minister and Champion of Siar Geata.
Having done his time, he briefly returned to visit his fighting company to become a full-fledged member, and now he travels East. Originally to regain honor and good standing but also to find a new home. He adapts more Eastern influences, going from a Western European Ranger type to something closer to a Eastern Asian Ronin or Samurai, going from a happy go lucky minstrel to a stoic guardian who adopted the code of Bushido.

Characteristics and Traits

Crow plays primarily as Scout, preferring the weapon options of sword and board as well as bow and arrow, and choice of abilities.
Secondary preferred classes include Healer, Druid, and Barbarian.
Playful and free-spirited in nature, but also a plagued with guilt and a strong sense of duty and camaraderie​.
He cares especially about the people who fight alongside him, and is almost always up for a good time with friends.
He is a self proclaimed cunning linguist despite being a relatively silent protagonist, outside of quips. Most interactions include one liners akin to a 1980's action hero or a shonen anime protagonist.
His travels continue to mature him, as he varies from playful, goofy, and free spirited to stoic, silent, and determined man.
Jon Crow also has worn a few disguises in the past to keep a low profile, or establish a new identity: such as a Tengu outfit, a Blood Elf pirate disguise called Olivar Jack, a plague doctor, his Ultra Mando Slayer armor, a TF2 Scout, among others.
He cannot actually play an instrument, but has the capability to sing baritone-bass.

In Real Life

Started Amtgard in September of 2016, heard about it several months before but joined after being relieved from 3 years as director of airsoft operations at Ironman Paintball.
Consulted Friar Vogel, Ari, and Redleaf before actively participating.

Whilst having little actual sword combat training (actual extent was a demo by Samurai Dan at Anime Minneapolis), Mr. Crow Jr gets the bulk of techniques from mixing an application of Boxing, Form II Makashi lightsaber combat, fencing, and tips and tricks used by other more experienced Amtgard fighters.
His first set of garb came from a Forum Robin Hood costume with other accessories added. Crow likes to have set of garb for specific classes. However, there is some overlap for outfits.
In real life, a majority of his weapons were actually created by weaponsmith Zen also from Ethereal Tides and Fuzzy McFisticuffs from Siar Geata and Ashen Grove.
His usual group (Enoch Son of Thom, Redleaf, Aquillae, and Hrimfaxi "Frostmane" Stigvander) is actually comprised of his airsoft team who also do Amtgard, the Rednecks and Gentlemen.
He met a majority of his Parkmates in college (aforementioned Friar Vogel, Ari, Shaggy) or at his old job at Ironman Paintball and Airsoft (Zen, Tazz, La Sparta, Smurfi, Wolf)

Was approached into joining the Dog Soldiers, is grateful to them as they were the only fighting company willing to make Crow's deal to come as a package deal with his old squad. Circumstances prevented it, but Crow is grateful to them and is now a proud member.

Enlisted into the US Marine Corps in early 2018, stayed near Oceanside, California for 2 years. Moved to Japan in late 2020.

Affiliated Groups

Ethereal Tides
Siar Geata
Dog Soldiers of CuChulainn
House Balgul/Brulk
Lorekeepers of Alexandria

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

6 Confirmed Frying Pan Kills breaching the castle at Keep at the Borderlands 2019.


Hound of Dog Soldiers of CuChulainn

Former Champion and Interim Prime Minister of Siar Geata 2019-2020


The name Jonathan Cro-magnon has several references. The initials spell JC, for Jesus Christ. In early planning, he was going to alternate between Archer and Assassin, Jonathan comes from Captain Jonathan Archer of Star Trek: Enterprise, as well as the class Archer. But there's also a preference for the name with characters like Jonathan Joestar or Jonathan Byers. The D. actually stands for something but no one knows, it is also a reference to the Will of D. from One Piece. The "Cro-" in "Cro-Magnon," comes from Mr. Crow Jr but "Cro-Magnon" is a reference to an early transitional form for humans in the European Upper Paleolithic, and the self deprecating humor of sometimes looking like a caveman.
The shortening of the name becomes "Jon Crow," an unintentional pun to Game of Thrones character Jon Snow.

His family heirloom, the English Broadsword Magnon Opus is a play on words of "Magnum Opus." often considered the most important or iconic piece of work or prized possession. Often rarely used and secured in a safe place as a ancestral weapon.
After reaching level 4, on his belt, he started carrying a husky dog plushie and calls it a wolf pupper animal companion, a reference to Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder where at level 4, the Scout equivalent class Ranger has an option to gain an animal companion, wolf and riding dog are often on the list of starting companions. Further references are from Enoch often calling him "Ranger." regardless of actually completing ranger school or being a Druid and picking "Ranger" archetype. The animal companion is named Lulu, a reference to the Samurai Jack episode "The Tale of X9." Lulu was lost in travel. RIP. Other animal companions included Douglas MacArthur, a hedgehog and Edgar, a Raven.
It is rumored he may or may not have been responsible for repopulating an entire species of mermaid, only Obad-Hai will truly know.
In the Post Bulletin Picture, Jon Crow's Japanese headband or "Hachimaki," says "Divine Wind" or Kamikaze. IRL it was purchased at Tsukiji Fish Market.
Personal Herladry mixes cultures: it takes the background element of European heraldry of colors, with the simplistic design elements of Japanese heraldry or "Mon/Kamon," with the Kanji "Carasu," or "Crow," with a feather on the bottom.

His favorite shield has a black and white Captain America-style star, made by Echo of Ice Haven. This is a reference to the Winter Soldier and Crow's appreciation for film noir and art deco style. It's part of his Year 3 Outfit: Synthwave Crusader with matching gambeson. She also made his iconic Cloak of Blackfeathers, a favorite of his used primarily for court.

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