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Lord Page JoJo Goldmoon, of Darkmoor, Wetlands

”Don't be a Vah Jaj Jay”


Jojo ( real life brother to Greasy ) began his Amtgard career in the late 90's in the at the time Barony of Darkmoor. Quickly becoming a local leader he helped lead the park to Duchy level for several years before taking a break to furthur real life goals, although he made it to many kingdom events. Since 2014 his attendance has improved and has jumped feet first back into the game becoming a highly regarded feastocrat.

Affiliated Groups

Boarding Party to the Rogers Raiders

Belted Family

For the unabridged Beltline please see this page.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Barbarian
  • Master Druid
  • Sheriff of Mushroom Shrine
  • Duke of Darkmoor x2
  • Regent of Darkmoor x 2
  • Heart of gold and fists of steel
  • Feastocrat World Banner Wars 2016
  • Master Rose - Sir Chewie- 2018

Additional Images

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More Information

  • Personal Website
  • Company Website