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Jean, of Nine Willows, Golden Plains

Jean's Field Heraldry
Home Park Nine Willows
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 2013

”An indicative quote”



Jean was a happy resident of Planet X. Planet X is a parallel world from a parallel universe. Jean was the best archer on Planet X. Other kids were always jealous of him.

One day, the sky turned grey and Jean’s parents told him to go through the portal to Earth. He kept asking, “Why? Why? Why?” They just said, “For a good reason, that you might know in the future.” Now he suspected this had something to do with the prophecy. The prophecy was that Jean would face a terrorist named Hendareigh and battle him to the death, and Jean would be the end of Hendareigh.

Now Jean knew that his parents did have a good reason to send him to Earth, so he followed their instructions. Once he got to Earth, after about an hour, someone else came through the portal. He said that Hendareigh had killed Jean’s parents. Jean yelped in agony. After that, he swore that he would fulfill the prophecy and give Hendareigh the most painful death.

Before he had left Planet X, Jean saw some chaos. The last image he saw was Hendareigh’s face. He witnessed his friends being killed. On planet Earth, Jean’s flashbacks make it harder for him to fight. He trains every day, making his inside stronger. He never saw anyone from Planet X again.

Jean's Heraldry. jeanhealrdy.jpg

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