Jade Hill

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The Shire of Jade Hill, in the Kingdom of Polaris, Located in Gurnee, Illinois


Azure, a salix tree proper, on a mount vert


A barbarian, no more than a teen, asked his parents if he could learn to swordfight. And so it all began...

The freehold of Jade Hill was founded in August of 2019 by:

  • Shaun the Barbarian
  • Fox the Warrior
  • Jayden the Assassin
  • Makaria the Warrior
  • Grap the Wizard
  • Sunitha the Healer
  • Mike the Wizard
  • Baronet, Squire Trevor du Nordmotte
  • Lady, At Arms Margaret du Nordmotte

Our park has enjoyed traveling to North Haven, Gathering of the Shadows, Keep, Townhall, and Obsidian Grove, and can't wait to visit Wolfheim and field a couple of teams at Dungeon Day. We love the wonderful people of Polaris and are looking forward to becoming a part of the Kingdom.

The first midreign of Jade Hill saw fighting prowess in the Weaponmaster, and excellent artistry and scientific explorations in the Dragonmaster. We had a wonderful feast with 26 members and guests.

We have a great time with Raiders, Bridge Battles, Ditching, Spear Practice, and Hunger Games. Come join the fun!


Current members include:

  • Arrin
  • Bob
  • Bubbabear
  • Cole
  • Diogo
  • Ertugrul
  • Felicia
  • Fox
  • Glitterboy
  • Grap
  • Inara
  • James
  • Jayden
  • Lyra
  • Makaria
  • Lady, At Arms Margaret du Nordmotte
  • Mike
  • Shaun
  • Sunitha
  • Thalianost
  • Traygar
  • Baronet, Squire Trevor du Nordmotte
  • Zaeem
  • Zeph


  • Monarch - Margaret du Nordmotte
  • Prime Minister - Glitterboy
  • Champion - Trevor du Nordmotte

Contacts and Directions

We meet in the Summer on Sundays at Noon at Viking Park, Gurnee, for battlegames, and on Fridays at 6pm at Ravinia Park for Fighter Practice.

We meet in the Winter on Sundays at Noon at Ravinia Park, Gurnee, for battlegames, and on Fridays at 6pm at Kamm Keep for Arts & Sciences.

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