Jace Darkholme

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Dreadlord Sir Jacelendrahz "Jace" Darkholme, of the Duchy of Crimson Wood, Kingdom of Westmarch

Jace Darkholme
Home Park Crimson Wood
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 2011
Noble Title Dreadlord
Belt Status Knight

"If i worked my ass off to have something given a 1, im stabbing a bitch" - Jace

"Jace Darkholme in... Apathetic Ambulance" -Orko


Jace Joined Thor's Refuge in March of 2011. Despite his relatively short time as a member Jace has exhibited great talent at the Arts and Sciences of Amtgard, as well as an enthusiasm for roleplaying and monsters. He has created some very impressive weapons and Garb for himself and other players. Jace has a great attitude on the field and roleplays goblins like a champ.

Skip to April 2nd 2022and he achieved the title of Knight of the Serpent.

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