Iron Springs

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The Shire of Iron Springs

A chapter of Winters Edge, located in Kennesaw, Georgia.


Iron Springs Heraldry
Favor made with the 2009 heraldry for Iron Springs, Design by Kitorin
The old heraldry for the chapter of Iron Springs created by Sir Squeak!


Founded by Dame Squeak! in the Fall of 2000, Iron Springs started in Atlanta, Georgia around the Georgia Tech area. The chapter moved around a few times looking for a good location to call home. Then in 2008 there was a major move to Kennesaw, Georgia around the Kennesaw State University area. Coincidentally, years afterward a Dagorhir chapter moved to one of Iron Springs' old Atlanta locations in hopes of finding them.
Iron Springs has been a main staple of Amtgard in the south east. It is one of the original chapters of the Central Eastern Alliance which itself reorganized into the Principality of Winters Edge. In fact, Dame Squeak! was the first Prime Minister of Winters Edge.
Iron Springs had the honour of starting the Amtgard Demo Booth at one of the nation's largest conventions, Dragon Con. This both is now shared with other foam fighting groups in the area and has run consistently for 10+ years.

Click the link below for the website: Iron Springs Website
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Local notables include:
Count Sir Roger
Count Sir Khazon
Baron Squire Pahyum
Lord Squire Cade
Baronet Page Scorpion
Lord Man At Arms Jarek
Mistress Woman at Arms Riven Asayri

Current Officers

Sheriff: Heo Vanni
Regent: Kalcifer
Champion: Leon Of Rivia

Contacts and Directions

Facebook logo.jpg Feel like visiting? You can find us on Facebook!

Our Discord Group:

Iron Springs meets every Sunday at 3:00PM at Kennesaw State University on the Big Green Field. Check with the Facebook group for more information.

KSU is located at 1000 Chastain Road, Kennesaw, GA 30144. Exit 271 Chastain Road off of I-75 and drive west on Chastain. On the second street (Kennesaw College Rd.) turn right into the campus. Follow the road until it dead ends into the guest parking. The field will be right in front of you.

Swift-Cantrell Park, Back Up Location if KSU isn’t available, is located at 3140 Old US Highway 41, Kennesaw, GA 30144. Exit 267B to 41(Cobb Parkway), Right on Old 41.

If lost, need additional directions or are making sure that the park isn't off visiting another group, post in our Facebook group. Most of us have smart phones and we're pretty good about getting back to folks timely!

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