Iron Dragon Clan

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a petitioning chapter of Rising Winds, located in Bellefontaine, Ohio.




IDC, as it is often refered to, was formed in August of 1997, and was originaly called Pheonix´s Nest above Silverwaters. Founding members include Rigor Stormblade, Sorn ´Spyder´ Zess´trayne, and Gryphon ( the later (not that Gryphon) being highly inactive; ¨Amtgard is for children¨). Sorn, having played in Silverwater initially in 96´ started the group with the then current weapons´ tech of bamboo cores and two layers of copper pipe insulation for padding. He served as the first Monarch (sheriff) and filled the other positions for the first year, being the only player at the time with any experience. As the group grew, normal amtgard powerstruggles insued and the Marysville group of Blackfire Pass formed; its founding members being Sir Pollux and Sir Thorvald. Many small splinter groups formed in nieghboring cities (more aptly to be called ´burgs´) which were annexed many times by both the IDC group and BFP.

In IDC´s beginning years Assassin, Barbarian,and Monster where the most popular classes, and the field was constantly awash in shurikens. The most prevalent style of shuriken being: two knee-high socks, one rolled within another, then the two wrapped with a cross of black athletic grip tape. The then legal flat blade was also very popular as many ´castle battles´ were held on Bellefontaine´s ´Caliediscope´ park; the walls of which were slatted and spaced poorly to pass a normal amtgard sword.

Rigor is largerly responsible for the care and ongoing upkeep of the group in later years, and quite successfuly set many friends and puppets into the 4 positions.


Later (99-and beyond) years lead to the formation of the Columbus group (then called Falcon´s Ridge) by Sir Crosser, and the Cincinnati group Mithril Keep mostly attributed to Ragnar. The Dayton group Gryphon´s Ridge was started by an IDC amtgarder disgruntled by his inability to command power in IDC, Chris Grant. The Tiffin group Thee Night´s Legacy as well as the Findly group FireOak Hold were also seeded by IDC amtgarders playing Dungeons and Dragons there abouts, as well as holding Amt-Demos lead and organized by Sorn and Rigor Stormblade (mostly the later). Other groups splintered from those above, including the now inactive Canton group (north east of Columbus). In early 2000 and later in 2001 the few stable amtgard groups in Ohio threw thier hat in with the Rising Winds, at the time being a Duchy. (save Falcon´s Ridge, at the time lead largely by Sir Crosser). At the time RW proper was lead by Sir Brock, Sir Glavos, and ´Duke´ Arath Nar. The Ohio groups helped boost numbers for RW, and both Rigor Stormblade and Sorn worked diplomaticaly to help RW attain kingdom status, although both claimed (and still do) to strongly dislike RW proper.


Contacts and Directions

Contact:Rigor Stormblade (937) 599-2258

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