House of the Peppered Squid

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House of the Peppered Squid

”Cosmonaut Ousting Legal Binding Extraterrestrial Replicating Tentacles”

An innovative Household in Amtgard dedicated to most things spicy and cephalopodic.

Originally formed in secret in the 1940's to combat a growing Cosmonaut influence, the teams saw little success until the acquisition of three important relics. The Sword of Omens, the All-Spark, and Cerebro. Taking the Sword of Omens, fueling it with the All-Spark, and using Cerebro to funnel all the rage and disgust the members felt for various ex-girlfriends into one perfect energy source, a most formidable weapon was created. As it was carried into battle, however, the wielder got hit by an Entangle ball. The un-entangled squids continued bravely on anyway, and killed two Cosmonauts. So really, the sword was kind of unnecessary, but really cool. For decades afterward, the House of the Peppered Squid did nothing constructive, like an octopus fighting a really big clam. But then, at an Irishman's Birthday party, new leadership arose. Wearing a chain mail yamakah and with unmatched dreidel skills, the house was revived for about 7 hours. Not much, but hey, something. Then came the hot sauce. Blessed by Yahweh, Allah, and that fat Chinese guy, a sauce was made so that the Peppered Squids should see their true purpose. Unfortunately the habanero-mango sauce made their eyesight go blurry, and they are still not sure what they were supposed to be seeing in the capsicum-inspired hallucination. So they quest onward. Doing things.


Full color adventure begins now!!


  • Cassandrah Scarpaw
  • Miago
  • Raphael

Notable Accomplishments

Two of the three members were critical in Starmount's victory in outer space.

Two of the three members bugged out of Clan 2008 mere hours before the catastrophic flood! Go us!