House Vilkas

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House Vilkas

Motto: ”Esse Quam Videri” (To be, rather than to seem to be.)

”Just because you know you'll win a fight doesn't mean you should try to start one. The strongest swords are best sheathed.” -Ariel Vilkas

Household Heraldry:


Biography of Group

In battle you can always hear a member of House Vilkas before you see them; their wolflike battle-cry and habit of laughing in fights heralds their approach from a fair distance away.

They are known for practicality and strategic planning, and will actually consider fighting a waste of time and energy unless there is something significant to be gained from it. However, once a battle is joined a Vilkas revels in bloodshed. The common mindset seems to be "If we can't avoid this, we may as well have fun with it." This bizarre mixture of diplomacy and brutality makes members of this House very hard to predict.

This dual nature is also present in their code of honor. House Vilkas considers cowardice to be the most unpardonable of sins, but also considers a retreat to be a wise tactic. They are loyal and generous, treating comrades as their own family, but if a friend betrays them or fights for their enemies they can cut them down without remorse or regret. They are calm and stoic during peacetime but laugh cheerily when surrounded by battle. Despite this, they are genuine and honest and see no conflict between their actions.

Every Vilkas strives for making their life an ideal balancing act between gentleness and savagery.


The Vilkas family line has been around since ancient times, formed from a merging between a Scottish tribe of warrior kings and a small Lithuanian band of wandering wolf-folk. Although most modern members have lost the abilities of the Great Wolves, cultivating a similarity to the heraldic beast is encouraged. House Vilkas has a history of remaining neutral in political conflicts, but fighting savagely when personal freedoms are threatened. This household's ancestors have fought in many wars for independence, even fighting alongside Robert the Bruce.

Affiliated Groups

House Vilkas is affiliated with the Peregrine Company, and offers them resources and protection. A blood pact with one of the ancient Vilkas line has given many members of the Peregrines the ability of Lycanthropy under certain conditions, a secret the House guards jealously.

Despite their disdain for organized government, House Vilkas has remained loyal to the monarchy of Icefire Bay, particularly after one of their own members became Regent.

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