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House Singollo



House Singollo was born in the Shire of Five Banners in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the summer of 2008. The original members were Malran Singollo, Lorelei Rose, Alby Kazan and Maccalus Caerwent Ex. The household quickly grew as the Shire joined both the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills and later, the Dreadmoor alliance. By the spring of 2010, the house had become one of the largest in Oklahoma. The household claims members in at least two kingdoms and in at least 7 different parks. We continue to grow and welcome all who wish to further the cause of the arts and sciences of amtgard, from entries in A&S competitions to just wanting to learn something new.


The purpose of the house is to promote Roleplay and Arts and Sciences within the all parks of the Emerald Hills and beyond. Members are asked to promote these ideas within their own parks as well as at events across Amtgardia. We are always looking to help our fellow amtgardians with projects or general knowledge that we may know or know of.


Must have a 3.5 score on three different A&S entries as well as a current active member of House Singollo as a sponsor. Must be an active member of Amtgard.

Exception: A person who currently holds a masterhood in an award qualifying them for a serpent belt is not required to meet the A&S entry qualification.



Alby Kazan - War Master
Amycee - School Headmaster/Headmistress
Amethyst Panther - Personal Guard of the House Lady
Blade - House Priest
Coitus - Head Wizard
Connor Sleight - Ubermarshall
Eagleeyez - Jagermeister
Goodwyn Clu - Patron Saint
Gryndll - Lady of the House
Jaek - House Guard
Karasu - House Guard
Loralei - Head Cook and House Bottle Washer
Lynx Nazgul - Personal Guard of the House Lord
Maccalus Caerwent Ex - House Guard
Malran Singollo - House Lord
Pops - Armorer
Sanyo McKinny - House Jester


Aaron - House Guard
Docsi - House Dwarf
Kaiden - House Bald Marine
Lorhan - House Guard
Torgier - Keeper of the house sheep