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House Samurai



House Samurai is a house dedicated to their Kingdoms and home lands. They are a service group in many areas. From serving feast, to clean up, to weapon making and teaching others how to fight and play the game of Amtgard. They find it to be honorable and noble to teach those who need help, by recruiting those who have played the game for awhile.

House Samurai was founded by Smiley SpiritPaw and Shammah SpiritPaw. It was established to preform many things. One of which is to improve ones skills in fighting with all weapons, by training much and often in ways that will push the body to its limits. It also serves as a garber house as well, by using the garbing skills of those in the house to improve others on the field. The house is Located in Dark Oasis in Golden Plains. It was founded in February of 2004.

The House hasn't been seen around since 2006. On December 3rd 2010 House Samurai has been resurrected. While playing cards one Friday night Smiley approached Sin and Doozler about restarting the house. All agreed and below is the new beginning of an old era.


Retired Members

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