House Of Plague

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House Of Plague

”Memento mori ut iste signo tuus honos ob pestis.”



House Of Plague was created as a refuge for those who've been afflicted by pestilence in their villages, whether it be those who had recovered or the tragic remnants of disease ridden families. When we first came to Dragon Moon Keep, a member of the Park Guard approached the Reverend with an offer. The park's guard had turned away from their oaths of "death before dishonor" some even accepted gold to kill their brethren. It was decided to give those guardians "death for their dishonor" and that very day the Reverend took up his sword doved "The Baptist" and named Scorbok the second in command of the house. The final battle was never fought, though both armies were stained in the hatred for one another. In the end, the slow decay of time proved to be the most powerful weapon. Dragon Moon Keep eventually withered out of existence as the House of Plague reclused into the Dark Forest. Soon after, the House of Plague forged a new Freehold, a Black Hollow to govern the land. The Reverend ascended from his position in the House of Plague in order to lead the people of the Black Hollow leaving Scorbok, his second, in command.

Consumed by notions of battle and the lust for power, the Reverend (who now calls himself Bishop) threw away his title and denounced the house he created, all in the service of a false deity. The members of the house wonder once again, stricken by the grief of defamation.


Scorbok, Keeper of the Book

Babbett, Chosen

Shadow Stepp, Chosen

Phase Forgotten, Chosen

Amorea, Chosen

Fey Anya, Chosen

Akira Ishtar







Jarok Sorell












Notable Accomplishments

est. Aug 7th 2010

Declared war on House Of Black and Whites on Sept. 27, 2010

Struck a major blow to House of Black and Whites on Oct. 17, 2010

The Sword "The Saint" was created and present to the Reverend by Scorbok. on October 31, 2010

The Book of Pestilence was passed from Reverend (The Saint) to Scorbok (The Voice of Pestilence) on Janurary 3, 2011

The Reverend was self proclaimed "Bishop" after winning the war against the Black and White and claiming the area for The Dark Forest. February 24th, 2013

The Book of Honor was written as a set of laws to govern the house and to replace the Book of Pestilence. April 19th, 2013

"Bishop" once known as the "Reverend" threw away the title of Ascendant by denouncing the house in order to follow a false deity.

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