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A Household

What are we about

A mercenary household. We do anything from service to visits in the black night (think what you will...)

Finally, a place for all you gypsies, druids, anti-paladins, monsters, mercenaries, or anyone on the outskirts of society to join others, yet remain anonymous. If you like to loan out your services for any reason, or simply like to party, then this is the house for you! Too long have we been looked down upon. Now it is our turn to stand up and show all those in the land of Amtgardia that we, too, have great worth! Wouldn't you like to wear a mask as proudly as the rest of us?

We will concentrate on A & S of course, but we also highly encourage elaborate role-playing and using this group as a foundation for all other activities in Amtgard.

Please contact Lexi--Unseelie Lady of the Misty Hollow @ [1] for further information. Updates will be made as often as possible! The more the merrier!


The House of the Misty Hollow [or simply Misty Hollow] was formed on the 3rd of March, 2007.

Our titles are built off of faerie society.

Here is a little story:

One day, while Lady Lexi was wandering the Cursed Prairie, she stretched her arms high above her head. As she began to regain her stance she was startled by what looked like a ball of light nearby. Taking a closer look at a stump beyond her, the Lady realized that is was glowing! Quietly, she tip-toed toward it. To her amazement, there were fae living there! Often had she heard of these amazing creatures, but never had she actually seen one up close! However, as she stared down from above, the beings quickly disappeared beneath one of the roots. Afterwards, Lexi felt awful for invading their space that way. It was rude, and she knew this. To make up for the grievance she decided to speak to some of her clansmen about creating a household where all manner creatures could feel welcome. A place of laughter and music--a home away from home. Be you fae or human or anyone in between, all are invited!

Household Colors

The Household color is Green.Violet, Silver, Black