House Larethian

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A Household founded by Sirrakhis (Tony Hunt) and Maximilian (Jim McDonald) is an effort to offer a team environment for newcomers to the game that would not otherwise have access to the weapons, materials, equipment, and tutelage that are often only found after joining an established fighting company.

House Larethian offers its members full garb, equipment, and even camping gear for its members. In addition, workshops and tutoring are available as per necessary via the "Advisors" within the household, which currently include some of Amtgard's best and brightest.

There are only two ways to join this household. Either by being in the game less than a year, or by offering a tutelage or a workshop to its members.


Lords and Ladies


Sir Moogie of the Iron Mountains, Tuk! Uziel of Eagleshire, Yoni haMagid of Midnight Sun, Sir Larin Moonstar of Midnight Sun, Sir MissElainEous Mourninwood of the Wetlands, Sir Feral Lynn of the Wetlands, Varius of Eagleshire, Sponge Harkonnen of the Celestial Kingdom, Tarkas of Eagleshire, Drey of Eagleshire


Kaiva of Eagleshire, Klondike of Eagleshire, Ella Hervie of Eagleshire, Lavits Uziel of Eagleshire, Sid of Eagleshire, Keddel of Eagleshire, Solstitia of Eagleshire, J’ral of Eagleshire, Downs of Eagleshire, Ivie of Eagleshire, Terminus of Midnight Sun, Aralyn of Midnight Sun, Korgan of Eagleshire, Briar of Midnight Sun, Grif of Eagleshire, Tobias of Finders Keep, Elisha of Eagleshire, Krystani of Eagleshire, Gopher of Eagleshire, Cambria of Eagleshire

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