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"Bacon Vodka is NOT made of wrong. It is made by beautiful big breasted angels in skimpy outfits, all for the immense pleasure of the one who is consuming it. me, sans skimpy outfit." -Jack Cross

"Thanks I have to go scour my eyes with Comet because I skipped over the SANS skimpy out fit...." -Sir Angrist



House Bacon was formed in 2008 as a place for all lovers of Bacon, and other great products of Pork to come together in their love of devouring this most delicious of delicacies. For the records and through no fault of his, Jacks Bacon Rum was, shall we say, less than optimal. But the struggle for bacon infused drinks continues!

Recently the pathetic The Church of the High Cross has declared a holy crusade against the People's Army of House Bacon, not fully understanding the awesome might of the people will crush this superstition and its sad devotion to the evil sluff monkey with no fashion sense Jynx Mercades under the awesome hoof of the mighty pig. When the dust settles, Jynx and his band of rabble will be nothing more than a memory, a mere footnote in the Party's noble pursuit of pork products and their substitutes. LONG LIVE THE GLORIOUS PEOPLE'S REVOLUTION!


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