Gypsy Caravan

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By Pebyr ap Cucorin (Danielle Sequin)

Notes - this is one of the most famous pieces of original amtgard music -- and there are in fact two completely different original versions of the music. The first was written by Pebyr when he wrote the song... years later another bard, Delay (not spelled correctly) a Saracen from Iron Mountains came across the lyrics but didn't have the music, so he wrote his own music to it.

Also, this song was written for the gypsy troop of barad-duin and first played at the first barad-duin coronation in 1988. The dancer was terras ember(lisa acton), and the captain of the troop was named buckets.

I whiled away all the years of my youth
Tending my fields searching for the truth
Gazing past horizons to the west
Hoping I'd see them before my death.

Then one day they rumbled by
A gypsy caravan the color of the sky
Water sparkled as the wheels turned round
Across the river into the town.

There's a gypsy caravan,
Rolling across the land,
They got singers and a dancing girl
That can make you dream about the wide wide world.

And their captain was a handsome man
He had a sword and what looked like a plan
But there was something wrong in his eyes
Bloodshot and bleary from too many nights

So we stayed up late in that inn
Drinking over our secret sins
Each one wanting what the other one had
We both said the "You're the lucky man."


Late the morning we agreed to trade
Each other's lives for a later date
Twenty years later again we'd meet
And see if we'd both really found our dreams

So I finally got to see the world
And found for myself a blue eyed girl
We raised three kids in the back of that tent
Rolling through the night they were heaven sent


Twenty years later again I returned
Only to find out what the we both had learned
He had three kids and a wife of his own
And those green fields had turned into his home

We agreed to go our separate ways
And I'll not see him til my dying day
The man who gave my dreams to me
Where I found a love for eternity

Chorus (Fini.)