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Sir Gunn (previously "Young Gunn")of Mystic Glade, Winter's Edge, Neverwinter ”An indicative quote”



Gunn entered Amtgard in 2002 and fought with the former house/company Blackstar until leaving the game around 2007. Gunn returned to Amtgard in 2010 and joined the Triads in early 2011.Current Park- Mystic Glade of Knoxville,TN

Gunn received his Warlord title pre-pandemic in 2019 and then his Sword belt in October 2021.

Affiliated Groups

Triads - Fighting company

Belted Family

Previously Squireed to Sir Gilan

Notable Accomplishments

  • Warlord 2019-02-09
  • Knight of the Sword 2021-10-09

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