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Baroness Lady Squire Guin Llewellyn of Inland Ocean, Under the Kingdom of Northern Lights

"How many marshmallows can you fit in YOUR mouth?"'


"I do NOT have a [insert male reproductive part here]!"

Guin began playing amtgard in the spring of 2007, in her home land The Barony of Briar's Keep (Formally known as Hermits Hold). She was introduced to the game by her bestfriend, Twit. Her friends enjoy her multiple personalities, and many nicknames. These names include, but are not limited to: Guinny, Cheeks of Infinite Holding, Guinofeve, Saint of Deception, Guinzorbeam, Baroness White Girl Wasted (WGW), Savior of Stormhaven, the Favorite MAA, the Finder of Things.

2010 she was initiated into the Templars. After 3 hard years of traveling, fighting, and events Guin received her Full Membership into the Templars at Pacwar 2013.

2014 Guin moved parks and started playing in the Duchy of Stormhaven. With a desire to fix the land that she had admired so much in her younger amtgard career, Lady Guin made an attempt along with a few other brave souls to restore Stormhaven to its former glory. After two long terms as monarch, Guin and her monarchy did just that!

July 2016, she became a member of the Northern Lights, making her new home park the Barony of Inland Ocean. Having the ability to fight alongside her company mates brings her no greater joy!

"Oh no, I'm not crazy..." ~Creepy Smile~'

Affiliated Groups

"Mmmm... Can I have a bite?"

Church of the Apocalypse - Saint of Deception
Templars - Templar Brother
Juda - Cheeks of Holding of Clubs [Joker]
Stick Chicks - Founder
House Gravy Initiate

"God wills it, but Naydina allows it!"

Belted Family

"I am not the base!!!"

Notable Accomplishments

3rd Place in Thousand Stars Womens Tourney [2009]
1st Place in Thousand Stars Womens Tourney [2010]
1st Place in Thousand Stars Womens Tourney [2016]
Regent of HH [2012]
Regent of Principality of Viridian Outlands [2014]
Monarch of SH (2 terms) [2015]
Lady Title [2014]
Baroness Title [2016]
2009- Page to Lord Oromis
2011- MAA to Squire Kidd
2012- MAA to Squire Grim
2013- Squire to Dame Esseywen
2015- MAA to Squire Darius Llewellyn

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