Grainmag Everfrost

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Grainmag Everfrost
Home Park Windhaven
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Year Started 2013
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Squire

Lord Squire Grainmag Everfrost, of Windhaven, in the Kingdom of Crystal Groves

”An indicative quote”



Affiliated Groups

  • All Love
  • Fairy Tail
  • Full member of House Atlas
  • House Fierce
  • IronSkull
  • KCG Elven Court
  • Soul Society
  • The Council of Ambassadors to the Order of Disorder
  • The Planeteers

Belted Family

Granted the belted position of Squire-at Arms by Dame Angela Mastersinger March 2019 Ranked up to Squire

Notable Accomplishments

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