Good Game Academy

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Good Game Academy
Home Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2018
Championships Won Sapphire Phoenix League Tournament
Founding Members Broton(c)
Haj Alxan
Balder Highwind
Shimazu Azia

Full Name of Household

"Word life, this is basic thuganomics” - John Cena

Biography of Group

Founded in September of 2018 by Broton for the sole purpose of going to Rivermoor and competing in their Sapphire Phoenix League Tournament. Shimazu, Belthil, Haj, McNikles, and Balder were quickly added and Broton elected captain of the team. After massive success at the tourney the team decided to stay together and continue to compete together. Currently the team is focusing on setting up a Phoenix League in Polaris and working its way to competing at Keep on the Borderlands.

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Current Members:

Former Members:

Notable Accomplishments

  • 2018 - Inaugural champions of the Empire of Rivermoor Sapphire Phoenix League tournament.
  • 2019 - Polaris Phoenix League tournament champions.

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