Geitz Fausnight

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Personal Symbol

First recorded sign in 06/07/2015

Affiliated Groups

Member of Annunaki

Belted Family

Sir Stinkfoot
   Squire = Bolt cheetah
     Man-At-Arms = Edler Von AttA
     Man-At-Arms = Geitz Fausnight
     Man-At-Arms = Vender Coqui

Notable Accomplishments

Title of Esquire 11/12/2016

Title of Baronet 02/17/2018

Paragon Bard 05/26/2018

Paragon Scout 11/03/2018

Order of Thalia

3 Orders of the Crown

3 Orders of the Dragon

1 Order of the Garber

1 Order of the Griffin

5 Orders of the Lion

4 Orders of the Owl

6 Orders of the Rose

3 Orders of the Smith

5 Orders of the Warrior

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