Garrick Kershaw

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Garrick Kershaw of Nocturnis, Celestial Kingdom

”It's a trap!”


Garrick Kershaw at Spring War, 2018


Joined Nocturnis in 2011, following in Dame Nesta's footsteps, crossing the gap from HFS to Amtgard. Took a slight hiatus and in July 2017 began getting re-invested in Nocturnis and the Celestial Kingdom. Joined the Brotherhood of Steel household and became Man at Arms underbelt to Sir Sable Malorius.

Affiliated Groups

Justicars (Petitioner) Brotherhood of Steel (household)

Belted Family

Amtgard Man at Arms to Sir Sable Malorius

Notable Accomplishments

Champion of Celestial Kingdom, Reign 56

Additional Images



Justicar group photo at Castlemania I, 2018

More Information HFS Information (for any that care)


Joined The Independant City-State of Drandmir of HFS in early Spring of 2001.

  • A member of The Fallen of Kalladen, the venerable order of Dragavon, founder of Clan Mook, and a former member of Team Anti-Knight (now disbanded) with Dame Melena. Usually found in the company of one of the above groups, or Dame Melena on the field, tearing it up.

Former Affiliations

  • Clan Mook (founder) (disbanded)
  • The Fallen of Kalladen (disbanded)
  • The venerable Order of Dragavon (disbanded)
  • Team Anti-Knight (disbanded)

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Vis-Count of the Independent City-State of Drandmir
  • Served in all offices of Drandmir multiple times.
  • General of the Drandmirian Army
  • And just plain Awesome!