Garrick Kershaw

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Garrick Kershaw of Nocturnis, Celestial Kingdom

”It's a trap!”


Garrick Kershaw at Spring War, 2018


Joined Nocturnis in 2011, following in Dame Nesta's footsteps, crossing the gap from HFS to Amtgard. Took a slight hiatus and in July 2017 began getting re-invested in Nocturnis and the Celestial Kingdom. Joined the Justicars as a petitioner at Castlemania I. Became full member in October 2018.

Affiliated Groups

Justicars Full Member

Belted Family

Amtgard Currently Un-belted

Notable Accomplishments

Champion of Celestial Kingdom, Reign 56 Celestial Kingdom Board of Directors Nov 2019-Nov 2020

Additional Images



Justicar group photo at Castlemania I, 2018

More Information HFS Information (for any that care)


Joined The Independant City-State of Drandmir of HFS in early Spring of 2001.

  • A member of The Fallen of Kalladen, the venerable order of Dragavon, founder of Clan Mook, and a former member of Team Anti-Knight (now disbanded) with Dame Melena. Usually found in the company of one of the above groups, or Dame Melena on the field, tearing it up.

Former Affiliations

  • Clan Mook (founder) (disbanded)
  • The Fallen of Kalladen (disbanded)
  • The venerable Order of Dragavon (disbanded)
  • Team Anti-Knight (disbanded)

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Vis-Count of the Independent City-State of Drandmir
  • Served in all offices of Drandmir multiple times.
  • General of the Drandmirian Army
  • And just plain Awesome!