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Galuria Aerofaux, of Dark Harbor, in the Kingdom of Northern Lights

Galuria Arroward
Chapter Shrouding Mist
Kingdom Northern Lights
Started 2008
Noble Title Lady
Belted Status Squire
Contact Information

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Galuria was introduced to AMTGARD in 2008 and starting playing full time in 2013. Her favorite part of Amtgard is roleplaying, but she loves to use her staff and shoot her bow. She has many goals in Amtgard and one of them is to teach others to have fun. Galuria takes great joy in playing her Kitsune and her Druid. She loves to hold A&S nights and practice her archery skills as well!


In the dark of the night faint sounds of a newborn baby were heard somewhere in a small forest. Suddenly the baby was crying like thunder had erupted out of the sky in the woods in the land of the Northern Lights. A family of druids heard the cry and went in search of the newborn. After hours of searching they came across a young child abandoned with no one else to be found. The baby was wrapped in leather with a scroll attached.

To whomever finds this curse of a child, Galuria.

Let it be known, if you find her you must raise her. Teach her the ways of your people, she will need guidance. She is not human, she is cursed by the night. By the age of 13 she will have no control over this curse and will be taken over.

-A lonely peasant

The druid family couldn't just leave this young child in the woods to die. So they picked her up and headed to threw the woods to the land of Shrouding Mist. Taking refuge in the outlining forest to raise the child as there own. Her new adopted father was named Ravanik was a beloved and master druid. Her new mother Ariana was a archer and a well respected in the druidic community. Even with the warning they were determined to raise Galuria as their own.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Holds A&S Meetings at her home.

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