Gabriel of Bhurtok

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Gabriel of Bhurtok


Gabriel of Bhurtok
Home Park Eagleshire
Kingdom Emerald Hills
Year Started 1998
Noble Title None in Amtgard
Belt Status None in Amtgard

A cross-game player that started in HFS in 1996. Gabriel became a Knight of the Dragon (HFS Combat knighthood awarded in 1998 for Battlefield Prowess) and Wolf (HFS Service knighthood awarded in 2000) Knight from the HFS Kingdom of Bhurtok.

Gabriel started playing Amtgard off and on around 2000 at Ironcloud, Midnight Sun, and Eagleshire, and ventured into SCA and now (as of 2009) mostly plays Dagorhir and Belegarth.

Gabriel is a member of the Cohors Praetoria XIII (or Praetorians XIII) Fighting Company.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family


HFS Lineage follows Sir Nick and Sir Og for Combat, though never officially a squire. He was Sponsored for combat by Sir Sinjen & Sir Cyan. He was sponsored for Service by Dame Anna de Bradfield.

Notable Accomplishments


  • Order of the Dragon (Knight of Combat) 1998 HFS for battlefield prowess
  • Warlord in Bhurtok HFS 1998
  • Order of the Wolf (Knight of Service) 2000 HFS for service to the crown & HFS
  • Grand Duke of the Kingdom of Bhurtok HFS
  • Served 3 terms as Monarch
  • Served 2 terms as Regent
  • Served 4 year long terms as Chancellor
  • Served 3 terms as Champion & earned Defender of the Realm Title
  • Order of the Hart(Knight of Arts & Sciences) 2010 HFS for long time art and donation to the realm
  • Invited to HFS Fighting Company, the Nightmares, as only out of kingdom member.
  • Invited to HFS & Amtgard Fighting Company, Cohors Praetoria XIII
  • Co-founded the re-organization of the XIII


  • Recognized as a Knight of Guilder Dagorhir in 2010
    • Turned down knighthood for later date. Gabriel felt he hadn't participated with Dagorhir long enough to be recognized in this fashion.
  • Became Weaponmaster of Alterra at Ludi Primae Lucis IV by Tournament Win on May 29th 2010
  • 1st place, Shilling Fields 2011, Single Sword, Sword & Board, Florentine, Open Weapon. 2nd place "random weapons", Kurai took first.
  • 2nd place "Champions of Dagorhir" tournament at Ragnarok XXVII. Defeated the 1st and other 2nd place victors during round robin, loss/tie due to overall score.

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