Fuzzy McFistaCuffs

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Fuzzy McFistaCuffs, of Ashen Grove, Kingdom of Westmarch

Lando: ”Man, I wish Fuzzy would talk.”

Fuzzy: ”...”


(Rangor Treecrusher on the left, Fuzzy McFistaCuffs on the right)


Shortly after his EAS date from the Marine Corps, Fuzzy's wife Scorch Flamedancer dragged him to his first Amtgard Park day. Within his first week he had already made his first special weapon, a Great Axe. And within that month, earned his first Owl for it. Fascinated with foam-forging, he's already filled two seabags with weapons including thing from unique daggers to a criss blade to a zanbato.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Champion June '13-December'13
  • GMR December '13-June'14

Events Attended

  • Feast of Mars IX '13
  • Judgement, Battle of Blackwater III '13
  • Battle for the Ring VI '14
  • The Battle of Andor VI '14
  • The War of the Darkshore XVII '14
  • The War of Darkshore XVIII '15

Affiliated Groups

  • Blue Falcon Fighting Company SG Captain, and Founding member

Additional Images

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