Frozen Coast

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Frozen Coast,

A Duchy of the Kingdom of Northreach, located in Kenai, Alaska.



A growing Barony in South-Central Alaska, the Frozen Coast is working on expanding our horizons, increasing role play, and introducing Amtgard to the community.


Active Players as of 2/7/2020

Nadarr Kazichi
Achilles of Frozen Coast
Arthas Frostgrave
Azzinrule the Spartan
Rosedath of Clan Mactire
Lucien Vondreli
Crimson Tairias
Duroxxar Dragonson the Exile
Erza Scarlet
Ingrid Sidhedottir
Jo Jo
Jynx Ironborn
Kale Cayden
Aislin Mactire
Liam Twelvefingers
Mal of Frozen Coast
Rayne of Frozen Coast
Scorpio of Frozen Coast
Shizo Umera
Splinter of Frozen Coast
Tsuneo Resindeth
Viking of Frozen Coast
Vincent Crabcakes
Zach of Frozen Coast
Zophar Melenkiy
Jade Blackscale
Leo The Blacksmith


Monarch: Blue

Regent: Page Red Dragonair

Champion: Lucien Vondrelli

Prime Minister: Page Res Dragonair

Guild master of Reeves: Shizo

Contacts and Directions

Meets at South Forest Park in Kenai, AK during the summer, and the Kenai Recreation Center during the winter. Park Days are Sunday at 1PM.

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Amtgard Chapters within the Kingdom of Northreach
Core Lands:Astral Winds · Lupine Moon · Frozen Coast · Ravenstone · Icefire Bay · Aurora Grove

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